Disclosure Management

Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management allows users to develop their regulatory filings in a unified, collaborative evironment. SEC filers, for example, may generate both XBRL and EDGAR HTML filing outputs from the same source, ensuring 100% validation of both filing formats. It also emphasizes reuse and efficiency through its easy-to-use rollover process, providing XBRL tag migration and variable-driven smart text. Users may manage their metadata directly from Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) data sources, Microsoft Office documents, and other third party sources. The common foundation and tight integration with other EPM applications provides a single point of maintenance and centralized control over the entire financial close process. This unified framework gives users the assurance that all reporting requirements can be met accurately and efficiently in a streamlined integrated process.

Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management is a complete regulatory filing creation and management solution. With Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management customers will come to view XBRL as “just another reporting format” like PDF, HTML, etc. Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management is part of Oracle’s market-leading suite of financial close and reporting solutions that addresses all stages of the extended financial close from sub-ledger and general ledger closings, to the collection and consolidation of financial results, financial and management reporting, and the creating and submission of regulatory filings.

Key features:

  • Regulatory publishing in XBRL, iXBRL, PDF and SEC EDGAR HTML formats
  • Variables for managing common text, dates, numbers and directional words
  • Cross-footing for data accuracy
  • Table of Contents automation
  • SEC, HMRC, IFRS and XBRL formula validation support
  • Direct mapping to Oracle Hyperion data sources
  • XBRL tag override and suppression capabilities
  • Rollover report management
  • XBRL taxonomy management and extension development
  • Oracle WebCenter Content Management for document routing, approval, security and revision control

Key benefits:

  • Easy regulatory reporting with data quality assurance
  • Deep integration with Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Oracle Hyperion Planning, and Oracle Essbase
  • Best in class document management

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