Oracle Hyperion Essbase

Oracle Essbase is the industry-leading multi-dimensional online analytical processing (OLAP) server, providing a rich environment for effectively developing custom analytic and enterprise performance management applications. By leveraging its self-managed, rapid application development capabilities, business users can quickly model complex business scenarios. For example, line-of-business personnel can simply and rapidly develop and manage analytic applications that can forecast likely business performance levels and deliver "what-if" analyses for varying conditions. Oracle Essbase supports extremely fast query response times for vast numbers of users, large data sets, and complex business models.

Oracle Essbase brings advanced analytics to the business user to enable greater understanding of the business, alignment of resources and improved business results. With the advantage of consistent, sub­second response times, users can interact with the data at the speed-­of­-thought without support from technical experts. This ability to “converse” with the data — understanding that an answer to one question leads to another — enables business users to better identify and analyze the metrics and relationships that influence performance, and to make better, more informed decisions. Users can share their saved reports, and modify their appearance, or create powerful additional queries as new questions arise.


  • Move beyond silos of business intelligence and disconnected spreadsheets
  • Real­time analysis of key customer data, finances and spending, and product profitability
  • Cost­-saving links to existing systems
  • Speed­-of­-thought analysis for thousands of concurrent users
  • Fast and easy development, deployment, and maintenance
  • Robust security system
  • Uses innovative, visual, easy­ to­ understand interfaces
  • Enables rapid discovery of trends and highlights these trends in large data sets
  • Leverages investments in legacy systems

WizProTek Essbase Service offerings:

  • New Essbase implementations.
  • Application reviews.
  • Redesign of existing applications, complex business calculation scripts and member formulae.
  • Migrations & upgrades.
  • Essbase partitioning.
  • Essbase database optimisation and performance tuning.
  • Essbase data & system integrations.
  • Administration of Essbase databases.
  • Essbase database backup.
  • Automation for metadata and outline updates, data load, calculation logics and application maintenance.
  • Client specific training & documentation.
  • "WizProTek combines techno functional expertise with best practices to provide out of the box solutions be it for consolidation and reporting, planning and budgeting or even multi gaap convergence and compliance ."

  • "We work extensively with clients to help them address their long term as well as medium term planning challenges."

  • "We have a rich experience in implementing IFRS compliant reporting solutions. We have partnered with several significant corporations during their initial IFRS convergence as well as subsequent reporting under IFRS environment."